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Get a Commissioned Portrait of YOU! 

Would you like to get a fun portrait done? It could be of you or someone you love! If you would like to get on my schedule, send an email to along with 4-5 photos. Photos that are more interesting than just a smiling face preferred although one or two of those are nice. See what other poses you can think of. Send a variety of lighting conditions. I’ll be zooming in to see features, so make sure the photos are clear and mostly comprised of the face. In your email, please mention the eye color. Sometimes it can be hard to tell.


I’ll pick one out and make a 9” x 6” (or 6” x 9”) stylized watercolor portrait. I may add or change or remove things. For instance, maybe I'll add a daisy background or a pink glow line around the edge. You just never know!

In addition to sending me an email with photos, please pay below. Thank you! 

Seeing your portrait will be different than seeing a photo of yourself. You know your face so much better than I know your face. I try my best to capture the essence of the subject and make a compelling portrait. Price is per face.


I look forward to hearing from you!

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